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SASSY - Zena Lashes

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Simple, cute lashes to give you an easy-going EVERYDAY sassy look. 3D mink, 100% vegan. Up to 15-20 uses!

Sassy lashes are our bestsellers! Get the sass with our simple yet cute Sassy lashes. These lashes look incredible on all eye shapes. Light, easy-to-use lashes for the days you don't have any desire to go excessively dramatic or glitz, Sassy lashes are your ideal Every-Day Solution. 

Why buy Sassy lashes?

✓ Made using 3D Faux mink
✓ 100% vegan
✓ Get 15-20 uses for each lash

The sassy lashes range takes into account that you have to be Sexy, Cute, and Savage.

Don’t miss out on discovering Quality Products like sassy lash online. Buy sassy lashes made with premium 3D mink.