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Super sexy, super extra 3D mink lashes that give you the perfect lash DRAMA. Glam at its best! 100% vegan and cruelty free. Up to 15-20 uses! 

Looking lovely shouldn't come to the detriment of animal lives. Premium Faux Mink lashes by Zena Lashes are dazzling, lavish, vegan, and 100% CRUELTY-FREE. Hand-made by talented craftsman from premium hypoallergenic synthetic fibers, we utilize inventive tapered tip innovation to make lovely lashes that mirror the tapered shape and lustrous sheen of mink lashes ... with totally zero animal cruelty! All Premium Faux Mink lashes by Zena Lashes are packaged in environment-friendly,100% reusable, 100% recyclable cases for storage and travel. 

Sultry lashes have probably the longest external corner lashes in the assortment that flare out for superstar seduction and the greatest show! 

At the point when you need something other than mascara! With progressive tapered end innovation, 97% of ladies who wore sultry lashes felt the contrast - they feel like your own, and they're so agreeable and light, you'll disremember you're wearing them. 

  • Sultry highlights a subtle flare to get the most normal eye look 
  • Delicate and Light as a quill

Why buy Sultry lashes?

✓ Drama Lashes
✓ Made using 3D Faux mink
✓ 100% vegan
✓ Get 15-20 uses for each lash

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